Seminar-B:  Moderne Datenbanksysteme für maschinelles Lernen und Wissensentdeckung (Modern Database Systems for Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery)

Seminar-M: DT-DB42-M: Datenbanksysteme - Die Frage zu oder die bessere Antwort auf 42? (DT-DB42-M: Database Systems - The Question to or the Better Answer on 42?)


In this seminar we deal with techniques for implementing main memory database systems and related topics.


  • lecture MOBI-DBS-B Datenbanksysteme or similar course
  • Very good knowledge in data bases, good programming skills in C++ (depends on topic)


  • weekly meeting


  • seminar talk and four pages (double-column) for the seminar thesis
  • Contact us by email or in person to obtain literature recommendations. For most topics you find papers of our group on our web site that serve as primary source for your seminar.