Database Systems for Modern CPU (Summer Term 2023, 2025)

Lecture: Database Systems for Modern CPU

Implementation of Database Systems

    Transaction management
    Multi-version concurrency control
    Security aspects
    Main memory databases

Usage of database systems

    Deductive databases
    Distributed databases
    Operational applications (OLTP, OLAP), data mining, SQL:2003
    XML and database systems (XQuery)
    Big Data (SPARQL, data streams, graph exploration)
    Performance assessment


Correction of completed exercise sheets will be done according to tutor decision. Primarily, the solution approaches presented in the exercise sessions are assessed within the bonus procedure.

  • Active participation in the exercises and the presentation of tasks will be assessed.
  • Points for active participation are awarded to those who participated in the tutorial exercise.
  • A bonus point is awarded to those who excelled in the tutorial exercise, e.g. by presenting an exercise.
  • For a positive assessment, the complete correctness of the results is not decisive. It must rather be recognisable that one has dealt with the material / the tasks in detail.
  • The tutor decides who is allowed to present solutions to individual tasks.
  • If one has at least 12+2 bonus points at the end, a bonus of 0.3 is given on the first passed written examination for the examination period. This bonus can only be claimed for grades between 1.3 and 4.0 inclusive (passed exam). Grades better than 1.0 will not be awarded. For the assessment it is mandatory that you are registered in a tutorial group.




XQuery Interface

RDF/Sparql Interface

Datalog Interface

DES Datalog