Pauline Kleinschlömer, M.A.

Research and Teaching Assistant

Room F21/01.14e

Tel.: +49 (0)951 863-2644


Academic Positions and Research Interests

Pauline Kleinschlömer studied Sociology at the University of Mannheim. In 2020 she started her PhD within the DFG project "Family Relations and Child Wellbeing in Postseparation Families" (PI: Sandra Krapf) at the University of Mannheim (MZES). Her research interests lie at the interface between family sociology and demography. She investigates the consequences of parental separation and stepfamily formation on different dimensions of child well-being (e.g. psychosocial well-being, educational outcomes or health-related indicators). She also taught the bachelor courses Data Collection and Data Analysis at the University of Mannheim. The courses cover different methods of data collection (e.g. experiments, questionnaires, observation) as well as an introduction to STATA and first bivariate analyses.


Kleinschlömer, P., & Krapf, S. (2023). Parental separation and children’s well-being: Does the quality of parent-child relationships moderate the effect? Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 40(12), 4197-4218.

Kleinschlömer, Pauline; Kühn, Mine; Bister, Lara; Vogt, Tobias C.; Krapf, Sandra (2024): Analysing the Impact of Family Structure Changes on Children’s Stress Levels Using a Stress Biomarker. Journal of Health and Social Behavior.