Prof. Dr. Andrea Vestrucci Guestprofessor at the university Torun in Poland

From April 17 to May 19 Andrea Vestrucci was visiting professor at the Department of Logic of the University of Torun ( During his appointment there, he has collaborated with the faculty of the department of logic (mainly Prof. Jarmuzek) on the topics: a new formalization of two versions of Anselm’s ontological argument in weakest regular modal logic; epistemic logic with focus on belief representation and operations; familiarization with Torun works on relating semantics, and discussion on applications to deontic logic (with emphasis on free choice permission). He was invited to present a keynote talk as part of the Logica Copernicana Talks, entitled "Expressive AI for epistemic representation". One of the cooperations that will follow his presence as visiting professor in Torun concerns the participation of the Torun group on the interdisciplinary project on AI and the Ethics of Smart City.