International block course by TU Berlin and U Bamberg on “Ethics & Epistemology of AI”

An intensive, inter- and transdisciplinary exploration of the opportunities, risks and challenges of AI from very different perspectives was the focus of the block course "Ethics and Epistemology of AI" hosted by Prof. Sabine Ammon (Philosophy of Technology, TU Berlin) and Prof. Christoph Benzmüller (AI Systems Development, University of Bamberg & FU Berlin) from May 1-5, 2023, at the Hybrid Lab of TU Berlin.

Further tutors of the event included: Rahel Moser (TU Berlin, Philosophy of Technology, organizational coordination), Rosae Martin-Peña (U Bamberg, Philosophy & AI), Veronika Solopova (FU Berlin, AI & Computational Linguistics) and Ina Peters (TU Berlin, Education for Sustainable Development).

About 40 students from 7 universities were selected to participate from numerous national and international applications. In addition to TU Berlin, FU Berlin and the University of Bamberg, there were participants from Poland, Denmark, Spain and Norway, partly supported by the ERASMUS+ program.

Divided into 5 project groups of 6-9 persons each, the students explored new solutions and concepts on the following topics:

  • Replika: Do they cause social harm?
  • LLMs: Democratization of legal texts using LLMs?
  • LLMs: Al chatbot systems for medical advice?
  • FakeNews: Integrative framework for handling fake news?
  • Happify: Ethical design of eHEALTH apps?

The project studies will continue in remote activities during the summer semester 2023. Final presentations will take place in July, the final submission of the project reports will be in August. All participants were very positive about the block event in Berlin. A variety of intensive forms of interaction in the Hybrid Lab on the TU campus from morning to evening allowed the participants to network far beyond a normal course level, both in terms of content and personal exchange. Especially after years of Corona's isolation, this event demonstrated the great benefits, fun, and enjoyment that can come from intensive on-site training on intrinsically motivating challenge topics.

For further information see also this website hosted at TU Berlin.