Best Paper Award at CLAR 2023

The paper 

      Solving Modal Logic Problems by Translation to Higher-order Logic 

which presents results from an ongoing collaboration between Prof. Christoph Benzmüller from the AISE team at U Bamberg with Prof. Alexander Steen (U Greifswald), Tobias Scholl (Independent) and Prof. Geoff Sutcliffe (U Miami, USA) received the best paper award of The 5th International Conference on Logic and Argumentation; this conference was organized as part of the Zhejiang University Logic and AI Summit (ZJULogAI 2023) from September 10-12, 2023 at Hangzhou, China.

Publication details:

Solving Modal Logic Problems by Translation to Higher-order Logic. Steen, A., Sutcliffe, G., Scholl, T., & Benzmüller, C. In Herzig, A., Luo, J., & Pardo, P., editor(s), Logic and Argumentation, 5th International Conference, CLAR 2023, Hangzhou, China, September 2023, Proceedings, volume 14156 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, pages 25-43, 2023. Springer. doi