Equal Opportunity Funds for Women in the SoWi Faculty

Funding through the framework of Equal Opportunity Funds is specifically meant to support individuals who identify as FINTA (Frauen, inter Menschen, nichtbinäre Menschen, trans Menschen und agender Menschen)—that is, women, intersex people, non-binary people, transgender people, and agender people. For pragmatic reasons, we have decided to generally address women, female colleagues, female students, and female employees, even though this means that we can’t address everybody personally and every group explicitly.

The equal opportunity funds are used to support projects being worked on by female researchers (and female students) from the SoWi faculty in Bamberg. The goal of these funds is to support female researchers in their academic work.

  • Applicants can apply for funds even if their projects do not necessarily relate to a gender topic.
  • These funds are primarily intended as structural support. In particular, we would like to request and encourage academic mid-level faculty to seek funding.

Deadlines for submitting applications:

  • Always 30.09 for the summer semester
  • Always 31.03 for the winter semester

You can find the application form for equal opportunity funds (95.0 KB, 2 pages)here. Please note that the application is in German, but we are more than happy to assist you through the application process if you are a non-German speaker.

Information on the distribution of equal opportunity funds(195.9 KB, 2 pages) can be found here (in German).