Extended Board of Management

Pursuant to Article 34 of the Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act, BayHIG, the University of Bamberg has an extended board of management comprised of the voting members of the board of management, the faculty deans and the university women’s representative. The university president is the chair of the extended board of management.

The extended board of management

  1. advises and supports the university board of management in the execution of its duties,
  2. decides on proposals for the designation of research priorities and the establishment of Collaborative Research Centres, Research Training Groups and corresponding institutions,
  3. Decides on budgetary priorities, taking into account the principles set out in Art. 11, Para. 1, Sentences 3 and 4, as well as the findings of the evaluation of research and teaching, and taking into account the strategic development goals, upon proposal of the university management,
  4. takes decisions on proposals relating to the university’s faculty structure. 

The agenda and minutes of each extended board of management meeting are submitted for the attention of the members of the senate.

Members of the Extended Board of Management:

  • Prof. Dr. Kai Fischbach
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Vogt
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Hörmann
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Saalfeld
  • Dr. Dagmar Steuer-Flieser
  • Prof. Dr. Claus-Christian Carbon
  • Prof. Dr. Guido Heineck
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Henrich
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Nonnenmacher
  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Schütz
  • Prof. Dr. Theresa Summer