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The International Journal of Orthodox Theology (IJOT) offers the unique possibility to perceive the Orthodoxy in its international variety. It should serve as a mouthpiece of the Orthodoxy in the western world, hence, in bilingual issue. IJOT understands itself as a substantial contribution to the research within the Orthodox Theology. The aim of this journal is to lend expression to the voices of orthodox theologians from different countries and universities worldwide. Thus contributions published here are not only from western theological faculties and universities, as for example Munich, Paris, New York, but also from the homelands: Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Moscow, Sofia etc.

In the first issues we will publish predominantly the scientific results of the international conference at Bucharest (15th-17th October 2009) on the topic: „God the Father and the life of the Holy Trinity“. At this conference which was a fruit of cooperation between the Theological Faculty from Tübingen and the Theological Faculty from Bucharest worldwide well known theologians took part – as for example Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Daniel Ciobotea, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Jürgen Moltmann, Prof. Dr. Dumitru Popescu and Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson. The universities represented at this conference were New York, Trondheim, Frankfurt, Augsburg, Thessaloniki, Arad, Sibiu, Targoviste, Cluj, Constanta. In the spirit of this international conference IJOT sees itself as a contribution to the promotion not only of the orthodox tradition and culture, but also of the ecumenical dialogue – "ut omnes unum sint".