Letter of Recommendation

General Information

In case you need a recommendation letter for applying to certain scholarships, master-programs, a graduate-college, a summer school etc., it is a pleasure for us to help you. Certainly, a recommendation letter mostly makes sense if we are able to make statements about you and your skills. Therefore, it is necessary to visit at least one of our courses and successfully pass the exam. The more we know about your personality and your accomplishments, the more informative and valuable is the recommendation letter.


To receive a letter of recommendation please send an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Marco Sahm including the following documents in one PDF-file:

  • Personal data sheet with a photo
  • A list with all the courses visited at our professorship and your grades
  • A copy of your high-school degree and a sheet with all of your university grades
  • A short letter of motivation (why you want to go abroad/why you want this scholarship/why you apply especially for this master-program/etc.)
  • If applicable your prepared form sheets, where we should create the letter of recommendation. Please fill out all the parts which are possible to fill out by yourself (name, the name of the program you want to apply for, etc.)

Furthermore, keep in mind to give us following information in your cover note:

  • What is the purpose and in which format you need the evaluation?
  • In which language (German or English) should the evaluation be?
  • What is the deadline until we have to complete it?
  • What is the address of the institution, where we have to send the evaluation? Please note that usually we do not give you the evaluation personally.
  • Your e-mail address or phone number

If we need further information, we will invite you to a short interview to our professorship to get to know you better. For this case please think beforehand about issues which might be relevant for the recommendation letter and you want to explain us.

To be accurate, the creation of the recommendation letter takes some time. Therefore, please contact us as early as possible and send us your documents by no later than two weeks before the deadline. As soon as the recommendation letter is issued and sent to the receiving institution we will contact you.