New publication by Anh Nguyen and Maike Andresen “A laugh a day keeps the failure away”

We are very excited to share fresh research findings from our heart project, which was created through our humorous collaboration:
“A laugh a day keeps the failure away”

Compared to domestic couples, expatriate couples face unique challenges abroad that may affect their career satisfaction. At least one of the partners of expatriate couples often experiences:
⚡️ career interruptions,
⚡️ a demotion in occupational status,
⚡️ or ultimately career relinquishment after relocation, 
leading them to be less satisfied with their career achievements. Data from the GLOMO - Global Mobility of Employees project of 109 expatriate couples surveyed independently at two time points provide insights on resources that help expatriate couples abroad.

Anh Nguyen and Maike Andresen show that both expatriate partners can support each other in their career satisfaction via their self-enhancing humour and their mutual support in becoming embedded in the host community.

Read this article to learn more about the results and implications for research and practice!