New publication on Blockchain

Blockchain technology offers real innovation in the field of cryptocurrencies. In addition, blockchain technology is also being discussed in the area of ​​supply chain management, especially for the acquisition of tracking and tracing data. However, it is not always clear which of these considerations are sound and which considerations are made simply because of the new technology.

How useful is blockchain technology for supply chain management, and especially for tracking and tracing? A cross-faculty team consisting of Christian Straubert, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eric Sucky (both Chair of Operations Management and Logistics) and Jens Mattke (Department of Information Systems and Services) has investigated this field of research. The result of this cooperation is the recently published article "Blockchain Technology for Tracking and Tracing in Supply Chains: A Critical Viewpoint".

The article was published in the Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2021 and is available here. You can also find more information about our publications here.