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News Übersicht

News Übersicht


The University of Bamberg is a medium-sized institution whose academic profile is formed by the core areas of the humanities, social sciences, economics and business administration, and the human sciences. These are rounded out by programmes in application-oriented computer science. Interdisciplinary research activities and the flexibility to combine various degree programmes contribute to the university’s distinguished place in Germany’s academic landscape.

(please see the University’s mission statement)

Research in our four faculties has a strong interdisciplinary focus and is often organized in interfaculty centres or smaller research associations. In many cases these also operate internationally. We are also distinguished by our ongoing development of externally funded research and programmes promoting junior academics.

Our main areas of curricular focus, to which multiple subjects ranging across faculties contribute, are located in these topic areas:

Education & Life Planning

The Individual & Society

Languages & Cultures

Business & Markets