Daniela Araujo, M.P.P

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Lehrstuhl für VWL, insb. Empirische Mikroökonomik
Raum: F21/02.01
Feldkirchenstraße 21
96052 Bamberg

Telefon: +49(0)951-863-2603
E-Mail: daniela.araujo(at)uni-bamberg.de

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Lehre im Wintersemester 2019/2020

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S: Personality Psychology and Economics



Economics of Education, Education Policy, Impact Evaluation

Akademischer Werdegang:

since 2016
Doctoral Candidate of Empirical Economics, University of Bamberg, Bamberg, Germany

2007 – 2009
Master of Public Policy, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

1999 – 2004
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador


Araujo, M. D. & Bramwell, D. (2015). Changes in education policy in Ecuador since 2000. Paper commissioned for the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2015, Education for All 2000-2015: achievements and challenges. Paris: UNESCO

Araujo, M. D. et al. (2012) Reordenamiento de la Oferta Educativa [Reorganization of the education supply]. Quito: Ministerio de Educación del Ecuador

Araujo, M. D. & Salazar, P. (2010). Hacia un Sistema de Observación Ciudadana. Informe de seguimiento al Plan Decenal de Educación 2006-2010 [Monitoring Report of the Decennial Education Plan 2006-2010]. Quito: Grupo FARO 

Working Papers:
Araujo, M.D. (2019). Measuring the Effect of Competitive Teacher Recruitment on Student Achievement: Evidence from Ecuador. BERG Working Paper No 150. Bamberg: Bamberg University.

Araujo, M. D. (2009). The influence of performance-based incentives on the quality of the Chilean education system. Working Paper Nº 4. Comparative Public Policy Center. Chile: Universidad Diego Portales



Workshop on Field Experiments in Policy Evaluation organized by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). Paper presentation: “Does Test-Based Teacher Recruitment work? Experimental Evidence from Ecuador.” Nuremberg, Germany. November 2019.


XXVII Meeting of the Economics of Education Association. Paper presentation: “Measuring the Effect of Teacher Merit Based Recruitment on Student Achievement, evidence from Ecuador.” Barcelona, Spain. June 2018.

9th International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education. Paper presentation:  “Measuring the Effect of Teacher Merit Based Recruitment on Student Achievement, evidence from Ecuador.” Catanzaro, Italy. June 2018.


Global Development Network Policy Lab on Strengthening the Research Capacity of Relatively Small Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean focus on Education for Development. Policy actor invited to advise research proposals. Lima, Peru. March 2016.


II International Seminar of Decentralized Management of Schools organized by the Ministry of Education of Peru. Presentation: “New Model of Educational Management in Ecuador.” Lima, Peru. July 2013.