Fakultät Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Lehrstuhl für VWL, insb. Integration der Europäischen Arbeitsmärkte

Theory and Politics of European Integration

Room: F21/02.18 - TIME: 15:30 - 18:00 h

Lecture schedule / Time schedule

Lecture 1(2.0 MB)



Lecture 2(1.0 MB)

EU Institutions and Decisionmaking

Lecture 3(1.0 MB)

The Economics of Trade and
Preferential Trade Liberalisation

Lecture 4(1.3 MB)

Market Size and Scale EffectsTrade and

Competition Policies

Lecture 5(1.2 MB)

Trade Policy

Growth effects

Integration of capital markets

Lecture 6(1.7 MB)

Integration of Labour markets and migration

Lecture 7(5.2 MB)

Optimal Currency Area Theory and EURO


Fiscal Policy and the Growth and Stability Pact

Lecture 8(1.2 MB)

Fiscal Policy and the Stability Pact

The EURO Crisis