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Aktuelle Working Papers

Christian R. Proaño and Benjamin Lojak (2015)
Debt Stabilization and Macroeconomic Volatility in Monetary Unions under Heterogeneous Sovereign Risk Perceptions
BERG Working Paper 106 Universität Bamberg pdf(843.9 KB)

Lena Dräger and Christian R. Proaño (2015)
Cross-Border Banking and Business Cycles in Asymmetric Currency Unions
BERG Discussion Paper 105 Universität Bamberg pdf(465.5 KB)

Strohsal, T Proaño, C.R. & Wolters, J. (2015)
How Do Financial Cycles Interact?: Evidence from the US and the UK
SFB 649 Discussion Paper 2015-024 Humboldt Universität Berlin pdf 

Strohsal, T Proaño, C.R. & Wolters, J. (2015)
Characterizing the Financial Cycle: Evidence from the Frequency Domain
SFB 649 Discussion Paper 2015-021 Humboldt Universität Berlin pdf

Dräger, L. & Proaño, C. R. (2015)
Cross-Border Banking and Business Cycles in Asymmetric Currency Unions

DEP Discussion Papers Macroeconomics and Finance Series 01/2015 University of Hamburg pdf

Semmler, W. & Proaño, C. R. (2015)
Escape Routes from Sovereign Default Risk in the Euro Area 
ZEW Discussion Paper 15-020 Zentrum für europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW)pdf 

Charpe, M., Chiarella, C. Flaschel. P & C.R. Proaño (2014)
Business Confidence and Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Nonlinear Two-Country Framework with Aggregate Opinion Dynamics.
NSSR Department of Economics Working Paper01/2014. Under revision.

Proaño, C.R. (2013)
Macroeconomic Risk, Fiscal Policy Rules and Aggregate Volatility in Asymmetric Currency Unions: A Behavioral Perspective.
Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK)Working Paper 129. Under revision.

Bask, M. & C. R. Proaño (2012)
Optimal Monetary Policy, Learnability and Determinacy with Inflation Inertia and the Cost Channel
Working Paper 2012:7. Uppsala Universitet Department of Economics Under revision. link

Khemraj, T. & Proaño, C.R. (2011)
Excess Bank Reserves and Monetary Policy with a Lower-Bound Lending Rate.
NSSR Department of Economics Working Paper 04/2011. Under revision.link

Proaño, C.R. (2010)
Recession Forecasting with Dynamic Probit Models under Real Time Conditions,

Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK) Working Paper 10/2010, under revision. link