Workshop "Understanding the Germans"

This seminar is designed for newly arrived scholars and their spouses, but you are also very welcome if you have been staying in Germany for a while now – or if you are German and would like to find out more about your own cultural imprint.

We will take a look at those things which are typical of Germany and the Germans and which can cause problems for international people and spend an entertaining afternoon discussing how to successfully deal with the Germans. Topics include how to handle communication, the concept of time, the importance of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts and the “why” behind them.   


  • Basic scientific background of intercultural communications
  • The image of the Germans at home/abroad and the truth behind it


We will have a mix of lecture and discussion, please be ready to share your experiences and ideas.


The participants will get a better understanding of how the Germans tick, they will be able to avoid typical culture-based misunderstandings with Germans in the future.

Number of participants: 20 participants maximum

Target group: International and German PhD students and PostDocs – international spouses are welcome!

Time: Monday, 13.02.2017, 14:00 til 17:00

Place: An der Weberei 5, Room 04.003

Trainer: Kerstin Sommer, B.A.; Coach for Intercultural Communication (DAAD certified)

Cooperation partner:Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences