Seminar System Software

The Operating Systems seminar covers current topics in system software, including operating systems, hypervisors, just-in-time compilation and hardware-software interfacing. Topics cover the full spectrum of research topics in these fields, from the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of current system software, to the discussion and evaluation of novel research proposals.

Students will compile and acquire current topics in operating systems by independently carrying out and documenting a literature survey, and by preparing and delivering a coherent, comprehensible presentation to their peers. Students will also be able to scientifically discuss topics in system software with their peers.

Seminar Operating Systems Summer 2022

The topic of this semester's seminar is the Synthesis operating system. Developed 30 years ago in the context of Alexia Massalin's PhD at Columbia University under the supervision of Calton Pu, Synthesis was groundbreaking in many aspects which have not been realized in subsequent operating system research and development projects.

Some of the topics which Synthesis pioneered or improved are

It is time to re-evaluate the ideas of Synthesis with a view on current hardware system and application requirements. John Regehr (Univ. of Utah) has written an interesting blog article on this. This seminar should serve as a basis for this re-evaluation by structuring the innovative topics of Synthesis and put them in context with more recent operating systems and hardware development. 

Participants of the seminar choose one of the Synthesis-related topics (backed by one or more papers) and are expected to find related work. Ideally, the seminar report and presentation will not only cover the contents of the papers, but also the participant's ideas on how to apply or adapt the chosen topic to current systems.

Deliverables for the seminar are a written report paper (organized like a scientific publication) as well as a presentation. All presentations will be given towards the end of the semester in a one- or two-day session (with pizza and drinks!); in addition, there will be weekly meetings to discuss your progress and current topics/questions.