HiPEAC CSW RISC-V academics and training session

Prof. Engel organizes a session on RISC-V in academia at the HiPEAC Spring CSW 2022 in Tampere/Finland.

The HiPEAC Computing Systems Week (CSW) Spring 2022 runs from April 26th-28th in Tampere/Finland.

Our chair contributes to CSW by organizing a thematic session on RISC-V international academia and training activities – Prof. Engel is also chairperson of the Academia and Training Special Interest Group (SIG) of RISC-V International.

In addition to Prof. Engel's talk about the activities of the SIG, we have two talks by Keith Graham (Head of University Program at Codasip) about the Codasip RISC-V University Program and by Vladimir Herdt (postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bremen) about RISC-V Virtual Prototyping and Verification.

Please find more information about CSW and our session at https://www.hipeac.net/csw/2022/tampere/#/program/