Sonderheft der Historical Social Research zu "Critique and Social Change" erschienen.

Das von Thomas Kern, Thomas Laux und Insa Pruisken herausgegebene Sonderheft der Hisorical Social Research zum Thema "Critique and Social Change" ist erschienen.

Hier der Abstract des Bandes:

How does critique change society? What are the conditions for critique to emerge? These questions are the core of recent sociological debates. This HSR Special Issue seeks to contribute to the sociology of critique by empirically studying the historical, cultural, and institutional conditions of critique and social change. For this purpose, critique is approached in two ways: as an outcome of social change, on the one hand, and as a cause or condition for social change, on the other hand. The contributions include a broad range of empirical case studies that examine the articulation of critique and its consequences from different perspectives. They deal with topical debates on organ donation, the justification of social inequality, neoliberalism, new public management, various protest movements (Occupy Wall Street, the democratic movement in South Korea, the environmental movement in Italy, the commune movement in the United States), the transformation of institutional logics in the field of academic science, the role of public media debates during the banking crisis of 2008 and the influence of intellectuals on the critique of clientelism in Ireland.