Vortrag mit Eleonora Priori, University of Turin: Breaking through the glass ceiling in academia. A model simulating more positions available and gender quotas

The low proportion of women in the highest positions of the academic ladder and the “leaky pipeline” phenomenon are well known facts in all OECD countries, and the recent debate focuses on the policies that can be adopted to increase the gender balance in the university systems. We build an agent-based model to study the possible dynamics of the gender composition in a virtual academia that is a scale reproduction of the Italian academia in 2019. We consider a one-hundred-year period, and we simulate the effects of different measures: (1) the variation in the resources available for recruitment and promotions; (2) the introduction of gender quotas; and (3) the combination of them. Results show that despite a slightly better gender balance in recruitment and promotions when more resources are available, relevant and reasonably quick changes can be obtained only by implementing a gender balancing policy that introduces gender quotas at full professor promotions level.

Datum: 17.09.2021

Zeit: 18.00 bis 19.30 Uhr 

Ort: MG2/00.10 oder Zoom

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