Vortrag "National Codes of Landscape in Russian Contemporary Art" in Kyoto

Die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des Symposiums "Aesthetics of Landscapes - Tradition and Moderne" kamen aus Japan, Taiwan, der Türkei und Deutschland.

Das Begleitprogramm ermöglichte den Besuch berühmter Tempel- und Villenanlagen in Kyoto wie z.B. den "Goldenen Pavillion" und die "Villa Katsura".

Zusammenfassung des Vortrages von Prof. Dr. Ada Raev:

National Codes of Landscape in Russian Contemporary Art

Landscape, real and fictitious, takes a prominent place in Russian Contemporary Art. Noticeable, artists like Erik Bulatov, Ilya Kabakov, Boris Mikhailov, Dmitri Prigov and Nikolai Polissky and artistic groups like "Collective Actions", "Shtab-kvartira" and "War" are concerned with creating, carrying out but also questioning national codes of landscape.

Thereby, on one hand they fall back on stereotypes, developed in 19th century literature and painting, like "Russian earth", "Russian wood", "Russian birch"  way through "endless steppe", "wide sky" or "bride river" which became synonyms for homeland and national identity. On the other hand they reflect in their art works and actions the complete ideologization of landscape, including the town space, which took space in soviet times.