Workshop / Blockseminar "Moral realism and political decisions: a new framework of practical rationality for contemporary multicultural Europe"

University of Bamberg – University of Trieste – Joint Program in Philosophy Udine/Trieste

DAAD - “Hochschuldialog mit Südeuropa 2013”

Bamberg, 19-22 December 2013


You may download the schedule(413.2 KB), but will get a more detailed version upon your arrival.

On Thursday night, there will be an  open lecture(554.0 KB, 1 Seite) which everyone, no matter whether they take part in the workshop or not, is welcome to attend. 


The partnership. The workshop is funded by DAAD and will take place at Bamberg University. It is organised in partnership by Bamberg University (prof. Gabriele De Anna), and the Universities of Trieste and Udine, Italy (Prof. Riccardo Martinelli). There will be 40 participants, 20 from each University, including faculty members, PhD students and BA/MA students. The goal of the workshop is above all to strengthen the relationships between philosophy students and faculty of Bamberg University and those of the Universities of Trieste and Udine. In the past, similar events were already organised in Italy. This workshop is meant to continue those experiences and to build bridges for further exchanges and joint projects. In that spirit, discussions are expected to take place in a friendly atmosphere and to foster collaboration and a constructive dialogue.

The theme. Discussion will focus on the relevance and the consequences of two current philosophical debates for political philosophy, political action, and policy decision making in the context of multicultural societies, with a particular eye to the European situation. The two current debates are: 1) one about “new realism” in epistemology and in ethics: it originated in Italy and is now gaining international attention; 2) one about evolutionary ethics, that is flourishing in Germany. It will be argued that both debates support a rather objectivist foundation for practical rationality that could serve as a bond in multicultural societies.

The structure. Senior researchers, young researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students will all be able to cooperate in teams and to contribute, each according to her/his competence and ability, to solutions of the issues addressed by the workshop. For this reason, the activities will be divided in plenary sessions (talks and round tables) and discussions in groups.

Call for Participants

The Blockseminar. For students of Bamberg University, the Workshop can count as a blockseminar. The normal requirements for essays apply.

How to apply:blind review. Ten MA/BA students from Bamberg University can be admitted and they will be selected through a process of blind review. In order to apply, you should write a one-page statement of purposes in English and drop it in the mailbox of prof. Gabriele De Anna, at the philosophy Sekretariat. The statement should be ready for blind review: it should not show your name, but only your matriculation number. The statement should explain the reasons of your interest in the topic, your relevant competences, the importance that participating could have for your education and your CV, and all other relevant information. Deadline for submitting the proposal: Tuesday 3rd December 2013.

For any further information concerning your application, please contact prof. Gabriele De Anna (