Our doctoral student Gal Slonim has been elected President of the Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus (APSSC).

The APS Student Caucus is a representative body of the student affiliates of the Association for Psychological Science. It aims to enhance the professional development of psychology students worldwide. Students are encouraged to apply for one of APSSC Research Awards, as either candidates or reviewers, and to become campus representatives. Students are also invited to write articles for the Student Notebook, a monthly column published in the APS Observer dedicated to issues of interest to graduate students in psychology, and to participate in a graduate-undergraduate mentorship program. During the annual APS convention, APSSC holds three “Naked Truth” panels which provide tips on how to get into and survive graduate school, and how to successfully navigate the job market afterwards. APSSC also organizes a journal editors’ panel on how to get published and a Champions of Psychological Science event, where students are invited to meet world-renowned psychological scientists in an informal setting.