Das Betreuer*innenteam 2022/2023

Auf dieser Seite stellen sich unsere Faculty Advisorin und die Tutor*innen vor. Sie haben in den vergangenen Jahren selbst bei NMUN mitgemacht und geben ihre Erfahrungen nun an die neue Delegation weiter. Mit viel Enthusiasmus bereiten sie uns wöchentlich auf unsere große Herausforderung vor: Die National Model United Nations (NMUN) Konferenz. 

Anna Winter

Studies: Political Science & General Linguistics

Function as a tutor: Tutor for the PR Team

Motivation: For me,NMUN was a very special time in my student life. I was introduced to the broad field of international relations and most importantly, I learnt the value of team spirit. Through my work as a tutor, I would like to enable following delegations to have the same experience.

Life Motto: Empower each other.


Philip Lehmann

Function as a tutor: Advising this year´s tutor team and delegation for the challenges ahead.

Motivation: In my experience, NMUN offers - one of the few - unique opportunities to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team during one’s course of study at the university. Striving toward one common goal regardless of one’s background is key to making this world a better place. Every year I see the passion and effort every student puts into the NMUN project. The chance to support and prepare them to be better global citizens and see them develop through their participation at the NMUN conference are key drivers of motivation to me.

Life Motto: Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 

Tamara Büttner

Studies: B.Sc. European Economic Studies

Function as a tutor: Tutor for the PR Team, especially the website

Motivation: For me, the NMUN experience opened up a whole new world. It enabled me to learn hands on how the UN works, but also made it possible to meet and connect with likeminded people from all around the world. I became a tutor to help this years’ delegates with everything I´ve learned and to enable them to have the same enriching experiences I´ve had.

Life Motto: You can´t expect different results if you keep doing the same.

Christopher Groß

Studies: English and American Studies and Psychology with a school-based focus

Function as a tutor: Faculty Advisor

Motivation: For solving current and future challenges, we will need far-sighted young people who believe in something. With my work as Faculty Advisor, I hope to inspire the delegates to believe in the work of the UN. Furthermore, I hope that the work of the tutor team and me provide the delegates a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Life Motto: A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to. // Nobody tosses a dwarf!

Hannah Vierbücher

Studies: Computational Economics and Politics

Function as a tutor: Tutor for the Sponsoring Team

Motivation: My main motivation for joining this year’s tutor team was the chance to help the delegation with the experiences I made last year as a delegate. Also, I find it very exciting to witness and support the evolution every delegate is going to make over the course of the NMUN experience.

Life Motto: Everything that is meant for you will find you.



Anja Lippstreu

Position: Department for International and European Politics

Function: Lecturer of the NMUN Seminar

Motivation: I was part of the NMUN delegation in 2018/19 myself and this experience was a huge asset for my studies of the UN and the development of norms within it. Now, I am happy to be in a position where I can share this knowledge with the current delegation and to be part of the NMUN project once again. I believe that we have to understand the system of the United Nations in order to contribute to its improvement.

Life Motto: To live without hope is to cease to live - Dostoevsky