Master's Thesis and Master's Thesis Defence

The master’s thesis (26 ECTS) is written in the subject area in which the Profile Area has been completed. It is written in English and 30,000 to 35,000 words in length. In addition, an abstract (approximately 1,000 words) must be included in English as well as in German (or another language, depending on the approval of the examination board). The topic must be approved of by an approved member of the faculty; a list of these faculty members is available from the web page of the appropriate subject area.
Registration for the master’s thesis is completed through the Prüfungsamt and is only possible after 60 ECTS have already been booked on FlexNow.  After the Prüfungsamt approves of the admission, students receive a "Formular zur Themabestätigung" (a form to confirm the topic of the thesis), which needs to be signed by the thesis committee. Completion time for the thesis is six months and begins with the day listed on the form. During this preparation time, students attend the appropriate accompanying research class with the advisor of their master's thesis. Registration for the master’s thesis is very time-specific, and must be scheduled so that the programme of studies and thesis writing (six months) and the thesis defence (4 ECTS) can be completed during the maximum duration of the Joint Programme, as specified in § 3 Abs. 3 of the APO. The master’s thesis will be graded by the student’s thesis advisor and through a second committee member from one of the partner universities.
The additional module exam "Master's Thesis Defence" must be registered for via FlexNow. The exam is only held after the student has handed in their thesis to Prüfungsamt (not the supervisor), but it must be held within the last semester on enrolment.