ISPL-Sem-M: The platformization of highly regulated industries (master seminar)


Digital platforms have emerged in technology sectors such as software and hardware industries. Organizations such as Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft in the US or Tencent and Alibaba in China are now among the largest and most valuable companies in the world. New actors, such as OpenAI in the field of artificial intelligence, are emerging. While a lot of focus has been on technology industries, digital platforms are increasingly finding their way into more traditional industries, often driven by data network effects. In this seminar, we focus on highly regulated industries, such as education or health care. 

In the seminar, students will independently collect empirical data, e.g., through qualitative interviews, to explore challenges and open questions for future research. Students will also review relevant literature to place their findings in the context of existing research.


Until April 12
Please submit your current transcript of records and a short motivation for participating in the seminar (informal, 1 paragraph).
Acceptance decisions will be sent out until April 16.

Tentative schedule (subject to change)

April 20, 10-12am, Introduction overall topic
May 4, 9-12am, Intro to research work and topic discussion

May 15 (Monday), First deliverable (research question, study design, current status, submit two documents: your current status and a 2 page summary)
May 17 (Wednesday), 8-10am, Feedback session

June 12 (Monday), Second deliverable (empirical insights, first conversant literature)
June 15, 10-12am, Feedback session, roundtable discussion

July 6, Submission final papers
July 20, full day, presentations