Preliminary Program

18:00                      Welcome address and opening remarks

18:15-19:30            Opening Lecture:

Birgit Mersmann:
When Script Becomes Icon(ic): Calligraphic Reconfigurations in East Asian Contemporary Art

19:30                       Welcome Reception

Chair: Ulrich Marzolph

09:30-10:00        Nourane Ben Azzouna
Between Poetry and Narration: Text- image relations in a Khamseh manuscript from Turkmen Shiraz (Strasbourg, BNU, MS 4715)

10:00-10:30        Ilse Sturkenboom
Image as Intermediary? The use of ‘Chinese’ painted paper for manuscript production in the Persianate world

10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

11:00-11:30        Berenike Metzler
The Islamic ‘Prohibition of Images’ from the Perspective of Mediality

11:30-12:00        Margaret Shortle
Sensory variability in calligraphy and paper in early modern Persian book arts

12:00-14:00        Lunch Break

Chair: Patrick Franke

14:00-14:30        Emine Küçükbay
Hilye-ī Şerīf: The interplay of scripts, text fields and geometric shapes

14:30-15:00        Tobias Heinzelmann
Codex versus Panel: Visualising the prophet's ‘sheen’ (ḥilye) in Ottoman poetry and calligraphy

15:00-15:30        Coffee Break

15:30-16:00        Bilal Badat
Aesthetic, Ritual, Spiritual: Polysemous readings of calligraphy during the Ottoman Period

16:00-16:30        Sabiha Göloğlu
Image and Text Formulae of Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem Representations in the Late Ottoman Empire

17:00-18:30        Visit to the University Museum of Islamic Art (“The Bumiller Collection”)

19:00     Dinner

Chair: Lorenz Korn

09:30-10:00            Sophie Schweinfurth
The Equivalence of Script and Image as Conclusion of the Iconophile Doctrine of the Icon in Byzantium

10:00-10:30            Kay Joe Petzold
Masora Figurata. Written Images and Hidden Subjects in Ashkenazi Hebrew Bibles

10:30-11:00            Coffee Break

11:00-11:30            Vera Beyer
Vom buchstäblichen Verständnis zum Durchschauen der Schrift. Eine Initiale als Übergang vom Alten zum Neuen Testament

11:30-12:00            Closing remarks and discussion

12:00       Lunch Snack