Im Umkreis des Heiligen - Heiligkeit und Heiligtümer in der Islamischen Kunst und Architecture Internationale Tagung, 2. - 5. Juli 2015

  The Conference is generously supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of Bamberg, and the Bumiller Art Foundation



Preliminary Programme

14.00 - 18.00   Meeting of graduate students- "Future perspectives"

19.00 20.00   Evening lecture: Elizabeth Fowden (Cambridge) - Shrines and banners: Paleo-Islam and its material inheritance

9:30-10.00   Opening remarks

Panel „Holy Sites and the place of the Holy“

10.0-10.30   Alan Walmsley (Kopenhagen) - Mosques in the urban plan of early Islamic provincial towns in Bilad al Sham

10.30-11.00  Katia Cytryn-Silverman (Jerusalem) - The congregational mosque of Tiberias in context

11.00-11.30  Fernando Valdes (Madrid) -The disoriented mosques: the direction of the sacred axis in the mosques of al-Andalus

11.30-12.00  Coffee Break

12.00-12.30   Mattia Guidetti (Wien) -The location of the sacred in early medieval Syria

12.30-13.00   Iván Szánto (Budapest) - From Disdain to Self-Denial: Muslim Holy Places in Baroque Central Europe

13.00-14.30   Lunch Break

Panel „Metaphors of the Sacred“

14.30-15.00   Theodore van Loan (Philadelphia) - Structuring the Sacred Gaze in Early Islamic Architecture

15.00-15.30   Arezou Azad (Oxford) - Balkh: Holy topographies, orientations in urban space and architecture

15.30-16.00   Patrick Franke (Bamberg) - Textliche Inszenierungen Heiliger Orte im Islam: Beobachtungen zur faḍāʾil-Literatur

17.00-19.00   Annual Meeting of the Ernst Herzfeld-Society

19.30   Speaker’s Dinner

Panel Objects of Veneration, objects of devotion

9.30-10.00   Bilal Badat (London) - The Sacralisation of the Profane in Ottoman Calligraphy

10.00-10.30   Katharina Meinecke (Wien) - A Sacred Sovereign in the Late Antique Kosmos of Power? Continuity and Change in Umayyad Images of Rulers

10.30-11.00 Iman Abdulfattah - Relics of the Prophet as Arbiters of Space in Mamluk Cairo

11.00-11.30  Coffee Break

Panel „Spaces of Veneration

11.30-12.00  Susanna Calvo Capilla (Madrid) - Peregrination and Ceremonial in the Almohad Mosque of Tinmal

12.00-12.30   Jean-Pierre van Staevel (Paris) - Creating a Sacred Place around the Cave of Igilliz

12.30-13.00   Francine Giese (Zürich) - Moschee oder Kathedrale? Wenn zwei Religionen denselben Bau beanspruchen

13.00-14.30   Lunch Break

14.30-15.00   Renata Holod (Philadelphia) - Instances of the Sacred in a Pre-Modern Landscape: Sites, Loci and Practices on the Island of Jerba

15.00-15.30   Yuka Kadoi (Edinburgh) - Embodying the Sacred in the Contemporary World: The Birth of Neo-Islamic Art in Saudi Arabia

15.30-16.3Coffee Break, Poster Session

Open Panel “Ongoing Research”

16.30-17.00   Christian Fuchs (Berlin) - Al-Zubarah and the mosques of Qatar: Evolution and influences

17.00-17.30   Frantz Chaigne - How did the shamsah conquer the opening page of Qur’an manuscripts?

17.30-18.00  Rodrigo Cortéz Gomez – Diachronic use of Andalusi roadways in the Sierra Norte of Seville

Visit of Bamberg Cathedral and the Diözesanmuseum; alternatively visit to Schloss Weissenstein (summer residence of the counts v. Schönborn) in Pommersfelden.