Publications (selection)

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Posters and presentations (selection)


  • CAA 2019 "Check object integrity". Paper1: Sonnemann T., Kostyrko M., Teaching Digital Archaeology at European Universities, Paper2: Kostyrko M., Kiarszys G., The survivorship bias and intimate landscapes of conflict, Session: Kiarszys G., Kostyrko M., Digital archaeology of modern conflict landscapes



  • Aerial Archaeological Research Group Conference, Pula, Croatia. Paper: Kostyrko M., Cultural hegemony of landscape and its heritage – remote sensing perspective.


  • September 2015 - Aerial Archaeological Research Group Conference, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Paper: Kostyrko M., Kajda K., Kobiałka D., Mlekuž D., Tracking the past of animals: reflections and archeology of non-human agents in the perspective of aerial archaeology.
  • 2nd Central European Theoretical Archaeology Group meeting, Prague, Czech Republic. Paper: Kostyrko M., Wroniecki P., Brejcha R., Filling the gap – the change of perception on deserted villages through perspective of remote sensing data in Poland and Czech Republic.


  • 20th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologist, Istanbul. Turkey. Paper: Kajda K., Kostyrko M., Archaeology as a Social Practice. Promoting Non-Invasive Archaeology and Heritage through Cooperation with Communities. Poster: Kostyrko M., Investigating the Damage - A Lidar Perspective: Three Case Studies from Poland.