Lednica project – together to save the heritage

At the end of March 2018 Museum of the First Piasts in Lednica together with Association Wielkopolska Exploratory and Historical Group "GNIAZDO" in cooperation with Lidia Żuk from the Institute of Archeology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Mikołaj Kostyrko from the Department of Archaeology, University of Bamberg with the consent of the Wielkopolski Provincial Monument Conservator began a large scale landscape survey around the southern and central part of the Lednica Lake.

The aim of this project is to verifying the current state of knowledge concerning cultural landscape change around Lednica Lake, to identify and document new finds. As this area is also under threat of illegally operating "treasure hunters" one of the goals of this project is to secure and preserve metal artifacts found during the prospection.

This survey will be one of the largest landscape studies conducted in Poland using modern documentation methods (computer based spatial data bases, GPS track records of every participant, analytical grids, aerial survey and other remote sensing data) carried out by archaeologists with participation of volunteers using metal detectors. It is expected that the area of this project will cover up to 38 sq. km.

For more information visit:

http://www.lednicamuzeum.pl/search.html?search=Projekt+Lednica&szukaj=+ (Polish only)

or http://www.lednicamuzeum.pl/ (German and English)