Ort: KR 2, HS 02.01

IVGA-Vortrag im Arch. Kolloquium zur Luftbildarchäologie

Prof. Dr. Włodzimierz Rączkowski: The incomplete soundness of airborne remote sensing in archaeology: myths, challenges and prospects.'

“Applying airborne remote sensing methods is increasingly becoming more common practice in archaeology. This development raises a number of questions: with 100 years of experience in using aerial photographs can we generate a critical approach to data collected with newly developed devices (e. g. cameras, sensors)?  Do these new methods and sophisticated technologies change our approach to solve research problems? Is there any relation between the application of new technologies and humanistic objectives to methods and data? The lecture will be mostly about raising questions instead of offering full answers. Some aerial photographs and visualizations of remote sensing data will be critically discussed.”

Prof. Dr. Włodzimierz Rączkowski ist Professor für Theorie und Methodologie der Luftbildarchäologie an der Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Polen, und Dr. Mikolaj Kostyrkos Doktorvater. Die IVGA freut sich ihn am 2. Juli zu Gast zu haben.