NetMAR International Conference

Rituals of Gender Staging and Performance in the Middle Ages

University of Bamberg, 03-04 May 2023

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Wednesday, 03 May 2023

Location: An der Universität 5 (r. 02/22)


Welcome Speech by Christine Gerhardt (Vice President for Diversity and International Affairs, Bamberg)

Introduction by Ingrid Bennewitz (Head of ZeMas, Bamberg) and Michaela Pölzl (Scientific Project Manager, NetMAR)


Rosa Rodriguez Porto (Santiago di Compostella): Staging Queenship in the Libro de la Coronación (Escorial, &.III.3)

Clara Humrich (Konstanz): Women’s Devotional Fashion in Books of Hours

Diana Lucía Gómez-Chacón (Madrid): Fashion, Gender, and Performance in the Fifteenth Century: The Castilian Queens’ Wardrobe as a Case of Study


Coffee break


Gustav Zamore (Cambridge): Dancing, Defecating, and Disrupting: Women in High and Late Medieval Sacred Spaces

Katrina Rosie (Kingston): The “Loom of Life” and the “Baited Snare”: The Paradox of Women’s Bodies in Ritual Contexts

Davide Tramarin (Padua): Nuns’ Bodily and Sensory Experiences. The Rituals of the Holy Week in Lichtenthal, Between Shared Performance and Individual Meditative Practices


Lunch break


Lars Boje Mortensen (Odense): Two Sets of Masculine Values in the 12th century: William of Tyre and Saxo Grammaticus

Janina Dillig (Bamberg): Rituals of Gender Bending in German Medieval Literature

Gerlinde Gangl (Bamberg): Squabbling, Gossiping Women in the Middle Ages. Carrying Stones as Penalties and Symbolic Ways of Communication


Coffee break


Kouadio Kouamé (Bamberg): ‘Blurred Gender’ and Liturgy of Power in the Middle Ages: Eunuchs and Staging of Political Power in Byzantium and in the West African Songhay Empire

Lora Webb (Istanbul): See from where you assume your rank. The Invisible Power of Eunuchs in Byzantine Ceremony


Coffee break


Keynote address by Anne Derbes (Frederick, MD): Birth and Rebirth in Late Medieval Italy: Ritual and Gender in the Baptistery of Padua



Thursday, 04 May 2023

Location: An der Universität 5 (r. 02/22)


Stavroula Constantinou (Cyprus): Rituals of Motherhood in Byzantine Hagiography

Andria Andreou (Cyprus): Gender Staging in Byzantine Passions of Spouses

Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky (Salamanca): Visual Ritual: The Entrance and Exit of Saint Marina the Monk in Manuscript Illuminations


Coffee break


Bill Rebiger (Halle): Discussions of Women’s Issues by Men in Medieval Jewish Magic

Lilian R. G. Diniz (Berlin): Female Magic and Religious Subversion in Caesarius of Arles

Fedor Nekhaenko (Potsdam): Witchery Rites Constructed by XIII Century Dominicans


Lunch break


Lauren Van Nest (Virginia): Regina et Regnum: The Coronation of Queen Kunigunde in the Pericopes of Henry II (Clm 4452, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich)

Sabina Rosenbergová (Rom): The Berta Evangeliary (10th Century, Rome) and its Gender-Specific Ritual Function

Eirini Afentoulidou (Vienna): Churching the Child in Byzantine Prayerbooks (Euchologia): Questions of Gender Staging and Ritual Expertise


Coffee break


Korinna Gonschorek (Munich): Differing Sexual Encounters and their Implications on Gender Roles in the Versions of Partonopeus de Blois

Marion Darilek (Tübingen): Rituals of Female (Dis-)Empowerment: Baptism in the Context of Conversion in Medieval German Literature

Ingrid Bennewitz (Bamberg): Gone to the Dogs. Gender Constructions in the Context of Human-Animal Relations in Medieval and Early Modern Literature


Round Table Discussion



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