1 Introduction


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This companion website is supposed to give further information on chapter 6 "Using historical literature databases as corpora”, written by Julia Schlüter. In order to clarify any difficulties that may possibly occur to the reader of the chapter, it will firstly begin with a short glossary of the most important technical terms used by the author. The second part features links to internet resources and software quoted and provides an explanation as to the purposes for which these can be used. In the next section, a short case study, similar to the three described in the chapter, will be conducted and explained in detail. This will enable the reader to reconstruct every step necessary to obtain the given results when working with either WordSmith or the genuine search interface of the databases. Afterwards, another small case study will exemplify the possibility to analyse the influence of language-internal factors, which is mentioned in the chapter as one of the major advantages that arise from the fact that historical literature databases contain considerably more words than historical reference corpora. Eventually, the present website will briefly evaluate the literature quoted and survey the “Further reading” section in terms of its usefulness concerning additional information on the use of historical literature databases as corpora.

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