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Shakespeare on Film at Burg Feuerstein

In November 2012 the first master-level seminar at Burg Feuerstein, Shakespeare on Film I, was offered for the first time by Professor Christoph Houswitschka. A second and third seminar for Master in English and American Studies students followed in 2013 and 2014 taught by Professor Houswitschka, and a fourth and fifth seminar taught by PD Dr. Beatrix Hesse followed. These seminars not only serve to study Shakespeare adaptations in depth, but also allow the new, mostly international MA students to get to know each other and bond over a core topic of English Literature, the works of William Shakespeare.

Here you can find information on all previous Shakespeare on Film seminars.

Shakespeare on Film I (November 2012)

Shakespeare on Film II (December 2013)
Shakespeare on Film III (November 2014)
Shakespeare on Film IV (November 2015)
Shakespeare on Film V (December 2016)