German Standard CV Guidelines

These guidelines were created with the purpose of providing students with a thorough description of the parts of a German standard resumé and how to build a Curriculum Vitae, as well as other documents that come alongside with it. Therein, students will find instructions on how to create or adapt their resumés according to German norms, become aware of the different aspects of such document and familiarize themselves with the language (jargon) that involves the production of all these pieces.

Das Anschreiben, and How to Write It

This document serves as a guideline for the confection of a cover letter. All parts of it are meticulously described and accompanied by samples of extracts. The advices therein have the purpose of improving the quality of an applicant's letter, making it almost refusal-proof*.

Career Orientation Guidelines

Here, students will find information regarding life in Germany. The content ranges from work and visa bureaucracy, studies, conference and colloquia, scholarships and more. For an overview on scholarships and grants, click here(1.0 MB)!