Publications and Lectures



"From Zanzibar to the UK: Ordeal of Immigration with Entangled Memories in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s By the Sea" (Forthcoming)

"Narratives of History and Memory: Re-imagining and Re-writing the Past in The Question of Bruno" (Forthcoming)

"Aleksandar Hemon's Metafictionality and Representing Effects of Displacement in 'The Conductor' and 'The Bees, Part 1'." Eurasian Journal of English Language and Literature 2.2 (2020). Karabuk University, Turkey.

"Reality (Re-)Visited: Children of Prostitutes in Born Into Brothels." European Journal of Literary Studies 2.2 (2020): 125-137.

 "Jewish Assimilation in America: Female Characters of Yekl." International Journal of English Research 6,4 (2020): 26-30.


Conference papers/ posters

Oral Presentation:

"From an outsider to become an insider: Wallace Nolasco’s crossing cultural and ethnic borders in Timothy Mo’s The Monkey King." 12th Biennial MESEA Conference, University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus Campus, Larnaka, May 2022.

"Storytelling in the Refugee Tales: Borders, Boundaries, and Refugeehood." Breaking Boundaries: Reimagining Borders in Postcolonial and Migrant Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, September 2021.

"Climate Change and Displacement: Stories of ever-growing slum dwellers in the big cities of Bangladesh." 26th European Conference on South Asian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria, July 2021.

"Old Age and Attrition of the Body in Amit Chaudhuri's Freedom Song." Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging and Care: What does it mean to grow old? University of Graz, Austria, June 2021.

“Aleksandar Hemon’s Metafictionality and Representing Effects of Displacement in Love and Obstacles.” Narratives of Displacement: International Conference, St. Anne's College, University of Oxford, UK, October 2019.

“Climate Change and Human Migration: A Blink Look at Coastal Areas of Bangladesh.” Graduate workshop organized by ISHA Graz, University of Graz, Austria, December 2015.

“Identity and Narrative: Selected texts from Aleksandar Hemon.” International Workshop on Cultural/Literary Studies Meets Political Studies, Center for Inter-American Studies, University of Graz, Austria, May 2015 .

Love and Obstacles: The Book of Recollection and Shifting Memories of Past.” International Student Conference, University of Maribor, Slovenia, April 2015.

Poster Presentation:

“Writing History, Memory and Identities in Aleksandar Hemon.” 2nd Student Conference of the European Joint Master’s Degree in English and American Studies, University of Bamberg, June 2017.

“Identity Formation Through Narrative: A Close Reading of Chosen Books by Aleksandar Hemon.” Next Generation Symposium and Writing Forum, Graz International Summer School, University of Graz, July 2015.