Introductory seminars

Introduction to English and American Literature


Undergraduate seminars

Shakespeare's Comedies – A Stage-Centred Approach

Hamlet – Text, Criticism, Performance

Religious Poetry from Donne to Eliot

Victorian Sensational Fiction

An Introduction to Henry James

Robert Louis Stevenson

English Short Stories at the Turn of the Century

Rudyard Kipling

British Crime Fiction

"The Waste Land" and Other Poems

The Catholic Novel – Waugh and Greene

Vladimir Nabokov

Man and Animal in Contemporary British Fiction

Doris Lessing

Contemporary British Drama – the Nineties

Spies and Traitors in Recent British Drama

Tom Stoppard

The Novels and Plays of Michael Frayn

Contemporary Canadian Writers

Genre and “Auteur-Ship” in the Films of Neil Jordan


Graduate seminars

Point of View

Novels and Rewrites

Shakespeare's Comedies

Shakespeare’s Histories

Shakespeare's Tragedies

Regicide in Shakespeare’s Tragedies – Hamlet and Macbeth

Justice and Mercy in Shakespeare’s Comedies: The Merchant of Venice, Measure for Measure, The Tempest

Shakespeare on Film: Hamlet

Metaphysical Poets

Victorian Gothic

Victorian Arthuriana

Victorian Poetry

The Preraphaelites

British Colonialism in Fiction: Kipling and Conrad

The Edwardian Era – An Age of Transition

The Well-Made Play

Virginia Woolf

T. S. Eliot

The British Boarding School in Fiction and Film

Alfred Hitchcock

Film noir and Literature

The “Cambridge Footlights” and Its Influence on British Humour



The Nation's Favourite Poems

A Survey of British Drama

Short Story, Novella, Tale – A History of Short Fiction

The Works of William Shakespeare

The Victorian Period

A History of British Film

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare


Reading classes and "Übungen"

Practice of Interpretation: Poetry

Childhood and Memory in Recent British Fiction

The Private and the Political in British Film