Winter semester 2019/20

Introduction to LGBTQ+ Literature and Culture (S/Ü)

Summer semester 2019

Betreuungsübung für Bachelorarbeiten (Ü)

Introduction to English and American Literature A+B (S/PS)

Tutorial for Students of MA English and American Studies (Ü)

Virtual Women Rebooted: Transcending the Bombshell into a Relatable "Human" (Ü)

Bending Rules and Confronting Normativity: Liquid Identity and Genderless Potential in "Queer" Literature (S/Ü)

Victorian & Puritan Gender: Roles and Expectations in the Works of Austen, Bronte, Defoe, Hardy and Hawthorne


Winter semester 2018/19

Power, Judgement & Controversy: The Minefield Separating a Legendary Heroine from her Holy Grail (S/Ü)

Masterclass: Power, Judgement & Controversy: Male-Manzfactured Women in Dystopia and Fantasy (Ü)

Tutorial for Students of MA English and American Studies (Ü)

Tutorial Academic Research for MA Students


Summer semester 2018

Healing the Feminine and Meeting with the Goddess: Beyond the Archetype of a Man-Made Woman (S)


Winter semester 2017/18

Mistresses of Mayhem: Shakespeare's Ladies as Catalysts of Mischief (S/Ü)


Summer semester 2017

A Woman's Road to Mount Olympus: The Journey to the Modern Heroine (S/Ü)