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Stumbling Stones

for Jewish Refugees who Escaped to Great Britain and the US and Prisoners of War from English-Speaking Countries: Sponsors Wanted!

Stumbling stones for American, British, and other English-speaking prisoners of war have already been laid in Bamberg. We are looking for cleaning sponsors.

To date, the artist Gunter Demnig has laid more than 80,000 Stolpersteine gegen das Vergessen—that is, stumbling stones to ensure no one is forgotten—across Europe. These small brass plates are embedded in sidewalks in front of the former homes of victims of the National Socialists and serve as a memorial for them. In Germany, there are stumbling stones in over 800 municipalities.

In Bamberg, the Willy Aron Society is now in charge of the laying of these stumbling stones. On December 7, 2004, the first stumbling stone in Bamberg was laid for Willy Aron on Luitpoldstrasse. Since then, the number has grown to 170 stones as of July 2020.

Historian Andreas Ullmann volunteers as coordinator of the project Stolpersteine gegen das Vergessen in Bamberg.

It is vital to the progress of the project and the remembrance of these victims that the stumbling stones be cleaned regularly so that they do not fade into the streets by daily wear and tear. This is why the concept of cleaning sponsors was introduced—this is a system of people and institutions who take responsibility for one or more stumbling stones by cleaning them from time to time and perhaps decorating them on days of significance (ex. Holocaust Memorial Day, November 9).


For this reason, it is important that as many individuals, schools, and institutions as possible get involved in this project. Stumbling stones are helping to convey and conserve history.

If you would like to become the cleaning sponsor of a stumbling stone in Bamberg, please contact the Willy Aron Society:


Andreas Ullmann

Vice Chairman of the Willy Aron Society

Willy Aron Society of Bamberg to prevent forgetting