Regulations, deadlines and new style sheet

Find here the regulations, dates and style sheet


Since the winter semester 2016/17, the dates for the FlexNow registration and deregistration have changed a bit in the department of English Literture. You will find the new regulations on this info sheet (German, but legally binding) and an informal English translation here(79.7 KB).

Please note: Sticking to the deadlines lies solely within the responsibility of the students. Belated registrations are only possible if you can provide very good reasons. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the course and take the exam next semester.

The MLA has also published a new edition of their handbook (8th edition, 2016), so we updated our style sheet. From the winter semester 2016/17 onwards, this new style sheet is binding. You can find it here or under the "Studium" => "Style Sheet" section.