Just Write!

Just Write! is a literary magazine publishing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry with a focus on writers who produce creative texts in English. Not only is Just Write! a publication, but it also acts as a platform where the University of Bamberg’s students with creative minds can come together and share their works with fellow students.

What do we do?

Just Write! actively organize monthly reading and writing hours, which attracted a widespread attention from the students of the University of Bamberg lately. Also, every year it curates and publishes a selection of writings compiled into a maximum of 60 booklet-style pages.

Our objective:

To spark a passion for literature and provide a platform for emerging writers—specifically students of the University of Bamberg—to publish their works that celebrate authenticity, creativity and diversity.


Just Write! introduce an exciting new dimension to the University of Bamberg’s idea of internationalism and diversity, uniting student writers of all genres, backgrounds, and languages through a literary channel. It provides students with an artistic outlet through which to project their voices in a commonly spoken language, opening the door for discourse across cultures through writing.


Interested to know more, then get in touch with us by simply writing an email to justwrite.englit(at)uni-bamberg.de