Welcome to this semester's production of the Bamberg University English Drama Group!

A Mother who watches her daughters‘ lives like a soap opera.
Two Sisters desiring what the other one has.
A love that seems to have lost its purpose.
A woman who is torn apart between success, family and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.
no pink . no blue is painfully modern play unfolding the psychogram of obsession eroding everything it touches.
Watch how layer by layer the human relationships unravel leaving all that is left mercilessly exposed.

19th July, 8 pm at Stadtbücherei Bamberg
(Obere Königstrasse 4)

Tickets are available at ComixArt Bamberg (Austraße 21) and at Stadtbücherei Bamberg (Obere Königstraße 4)
Price: 5 (student discount) / 9 Euro
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The performance at ETA Hoffmann Theater was reviewed by the students literary newspaper Rezensöhnchen as well as the student paper Ottfried. Please find the links to their reviews below.

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