From July 4 to 9, the Bamberg University English Drama Group presented its new play, Deathship 666, a disaster film parody, directed by Uli Spies, to packed audiences.

Come on board of Deathship 666! and witness the titanic rise and fall of the most death defying ship time and space has ever seen.

Get to know the incompetent crew and all of Deathship's naive passengers. Root for the young and attractive Grandma as she tries to sleep with every person on the ship to fullfill her namesake. Bet your money on who will be the first one to blow up Deathship. Be there when icebergs, explosions and thousands of bears attack. And, please, never under any circumstances trust the Captain of the ship.

This year again, the visitors were very well entertained by this hilariously funny and absurd play. The drama group presented this fast-paced, pun- and reference-loaden parody to a nearly sold-out audience and convinced the visitors with good, in some cases even superb, acting. Certainly, this production did not blow up, but went rather swimmingly...

Photo credits: Uli Spies (2014)