The Bamberg University English Drama Group e.V. (BUEDG) is an English-speaking theatre group based at Bamberg University. Since 1984, the group has been dedicated to staging classic and modern dramas from the Anglophone world to make them avaliable to as many people as possible. While mainly attended by students from Bamberg University, the group is open to all and its performances are always public.

The members of BUEDG are united in their love for theatre and enjoy working together as one creative team both on and off stage in all sorts of theatric capacities. Every year, the group puts on one big summer production towards the end of the summer semester for which potential actors audition in the beginning of the semester. In the winter semester, the focus lies more on the art of drama and the members work on their acting and interpretation skills, which are usually presented in a shorter play or collection of scenes.

Newcomers with or without prior knowledge are always welcome to join our on- and off-stage team!

Winter Workshop 2020/2021: A Dramatic Scrapbook

Instead of a live performance, the Bamberg University English Drama Group’s annual Winter Workshop will this semester produce a collection of several small projects, such as poetry readings, dramatic monologues or short scenes, some of which will then be uploaded to our YouTube channel – a dramatic scrapbook with diverse theatre-related activities.

We will be working on a broad range of texts, such as Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology or Alfred Lord Tennyson’s In Memoriam, and include seasonal themes into our work, for example as a series of winter-themed poems in December or some New Year’s poetry in January. However, we are also open to text suggestions from participants. To combine our dramatic work with some theoretical knowledge about theatre, we will also familiarise ourselves with fundamental theatre techniques, such as costume design and textual adaptation.

In addition to this, we will also have the unique chance of working on the development of a brand new play in close collaboration with the play’s author this semester. With a potential summer production of the play in mind, we will be working on individual scenes and snippets from the work this winter.

As a final project this semester, we will be working on Lady Susan or A Tale of Two Post Offices, a web series based on Jane Austen’s Lady Susan. Working on the series, we will combine many of the skills we have developed in the course of the semester to film a total of 21 episodes. The first episode will be out on 12th February, 7pm, with new episodes every Friday. Join us to find out more!