Guest lectures

In cooperation with the faculties and departments involved in teacher education, BaTEG offers international guest lectures on a wide range of topics addressing future teachers.

Guest lectures in winter term 2022/23

3/11/2022, 8:30am, Zoom

Dr. Lenka Garshol (Agder, Norwegen)(Digital) games as tool for learning and assessment

Students in Norway who enroll in English programs are usually fluent in English, but they often struggle with linguistic terminology and many fall behind during the first weeks of their introductory linguistic courses. To test whether the use of learning games can contribute to higher levels of intrinsic motivation and increased willingness to invest time in their own learning the author has developed and tested a digital Escape room game targeting English morphosyntax and phonetics using Active Presenter software. The game was played by six student groups (n=110) under several conditions (learning task, assessment task, in groups, individually, in class, at home). The results show that the students invested the most time and reported the highest gains in the high-stakes condition (assessment) but the nature of the game makes it more suitable for formative than summative assessment (i.e. as a learning task).

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Previous guest lectures 


In the context of our international BaTEG month and in cooperation with the faculties and departments involved in teacher education, we offered international guest lectures on a wide range of topics adressing future teachers.



Prof Dr Lenka Garshol (University of Agder): Learner corpora as tools in language teaching and learning



Dr Rod Neilsen (Deakin University): New trends in pedagogical grammar: An Australian perspective



Dr Maria Juen (University of Innsbruck): Religionsunterricht und Ethikunterricht in Österreich. Herausforderungen und Perspektiven



Prof Dr Sarah Mercer (University of Graz): Teacher mental health matters: Understanding the ecology of teacher wellbeing



Prof Dr Gunther Kaltenböck (University of Graz): Discourse Grammar: Exploring a dualistic approach to language and cognition



MMag.a Cathrin Reisenauer (Institut für LehrerInnenbildung und Schulforschung; Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck):  Realität, steiniger Weg oder Vision? Schule und Inklusion in Österreich“



Prof Dr Jan Grünwald (Universität Mozarteum Salzburg/ LFU Innsbruck): Versammlung der Bilder


In December 2020, BaTEG gave teaching staff the opportunity to invite guest lecturers from all over the world to their seminars, thus allowing students to make international experiences even in times of Covid-19 and online teaching.

The following lectures were held:

Dr. Nadia Bader, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Switzerland

Reflexionskompetenz und Praxistheorie: Über komplexe Wechselwirkungen zwischen kommunikativen und gestalterischen (zeichnerischen) Aspekten in Lehr-Lern-Prozessen im Kunstunterricht


Denise Angelo, Australian National University, Australia

Working with students and community members on pathways to recognition for their languages


Dr. Amy C. Chambers, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

If She Can See It, She Can Be It: Women, Science, and Screens


Dr. Alexander Fischer, Universität Basel, Switzerland

Sigmund Freud und die Philosophische Anthropologie


Bernadett Settele, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Switzerland

Bildung in Performance. Kollektive ästhetische Situationen als Ausgangspunkt für Bildungsprozesse


Prof. Dr. Hans Gutbrod, Tbilisi University, Georgia

Den moralischen Nebel lichten - Berg-Karabach, der gerechte Krieg und die Frage nach politischen Versöhnungen


Prof. Dr. Markus Stock, University of Toronto, Canada

Die neue Online-Ausgabe der Lieder Burkhards von Hohenfels und ihre Bedeutung für die interaktive Lehre