Further Funding Opportunities

Financial Support for Female Academics

Equal opportunity funding is awarded for projects which have a special "Bamberg relevance", and thereby female scholars from the university´s four faculties are supported in their academic pursuits.

Equal opportunity funding is administered by the individual faculties` Women's Representatives.

Please submit applications directly to your respective Faculty Women's Representative (Please include receipts, transport ticket, invoices etc.).

Funding may be awarded for things like:

  • conference and travel expense subsidies (please check in advance the additional possibility of funding by the committee for research and junior researchers, FNK)
  • conference and travel expense allowances for female students presenting their work at the conference in question
  • travel allowances for female students when research travels are necessary for the production of their final thesis
  • guest lectures, lecture series, colloquia related to gender or women's topics
  • seminars or workshops for female students and academic staff
  • doctorate-related literature

Funding cannot be awarded for:

  • printing expenses (applies to both female students and employees)
  • literature for female students
  • assistants for female employees

Decisions on funding applications concerning categories not listed above are taken by the Women´s Advisory Council. The respective Faculty Women's Representatives decide on the maximum amount of funding awarded.

Individual Career Advice

Target group: Master students with interest in doctoral studies, doctoral students, post-docs

Contact:Dr. Marion Hacke, Scientific Career Service

Based on the elaboration of personal wishes and ideas, possible non-university professions are discussed and strategies for job search and application are discussed. Classical academic careers will also be discussed.


Target group: PhD students of the University of Bamberg as well as foreign PhD students and graduates

Contact: Simone Treiber, IPID4all

"International Doctorate in Germany - for All" is the title of the DAAD funding programme, which will be extended until 30 June 2019 at the University of Bamberg. The project to internationalise the doctoral phase offers Bamberg doctoral students travel grants for research and active conference trips abroad.

IPID4all also offers support in the form of workshops on scientific cultures in international comparison and German courses for foreign doctoral students and postdocs. You can find the current calls for proposals and deadlines for applications for IPID4all mobility grants on the IPID4all-Homepage under the relevant headings.

TRA, SCS and Research Transfer

Trimberg Research Academy

The Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) supports structured doctoral programmes, post docs and independent third-party funded projects.

Goals and tasks:

  • Support of optimal research conditions
  • Resettlement of independent junior staff on third-party funding agencies
  • Attracting and retaining national and international researchers in third-party funded projects
  • Support for Bamberg Graduate Schools etc. in the provision of soft skills / key qualifications and in the coordination of central offers
  • Scientific Career Service
  • promoting gender equality through greater transparency of initiatives and networking of individual measures


TRAc is structured in three sections:   

  • schools
  • projects
  • senior researchers

TRAc is a member of the umbrella organisation UniWIND/ GUAT ("Universitätsverband zur Qualifizierung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses in Deutschland"/ "German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training").


Scientific Career Service - SCS

The Scientific Career Service (SCS) is a central service point for doctoral candidates of the University of Bamberg and graduates who are interested in a doctorate.

The Scientific Career Service provides general, conceptual advice and support for doctoral candidates. Here the doctoral database is maintained as well as the organisation and coordination of enquiries (through research training groups, Bamberg Graduate Schools and other structured doctoral programmes) regarding offers to acquire or deepen key qualifications.


Research and Transfer

Further information on research funding at the University of Bamberg can be found under Department  Z/FFT Research Funding and Transfer.

Information on financial support can be found here on the website of the Standing Commission for Research and Young Scientists (FNK).