Grant for Childcare for Female Post-Docs and Habilitation Candidates with Children

The University Executive Board uses funds from the objective agreement of 2019-2022 to support female post-docs and habilitation candidates who have children by helping to finance childcare costs upon request through an application.


To access the application form for Flex-KidZ, please click here (this link is only available in German and via the university's network).

Principles/General Framework

The grant is awarded for the short-term care of one or more of the applicant's own children (under the age of 14) for cases where they cannot take care of the children themselves for compelling and work-related reasons. Examples of such reasons are attending or participating in a conference (also virtually) or work-related meetings with colleagues.

The maximum allotted time for sponsored childcare is 10 hours per week per semester.

The Family Services Office, in cooperation with the Women's Representative, makes the decisions regarding the allocation of childcare funds. 

Application Process

Childcare grant applications can be submitted online. Please note that retrospective applications for services that have already occured are not possible. Therefore, please ensure you submit your application in a timely manner! The basis of the financial support for childcare costs is proof of the childcare that is to be provided. This childcare contract must be finalized between the caregiver and the parents. Once the hours have been completed, the University of Bamberg will take over the payment. Childcare costs for existing care agreements can also be covered. Individuals who live in the same household or who are related to the first to third degrees are not eligible to provide childcare funded by the grant. The Family Services Office can help arrange a babysitter 

The application form is available here (link only available in German and via the university's network).