Publications Archive of the Women's Representatives

Past and Important Publications of the Women's Representatives

On this page, you can find summaries and copies of online and in-print publications from the Women's Office and Women's Representatives of the University of Bamberg. While not all of the information is fully up-to-date now, the content of these publications is still significant and relevant to the current efforts towards women's equality and support. Many important topics, like the representation of women's interests, the availability of scholarships and financial support, reports and statistics, information on studying and working with children (also the "family-friendly university" initiative), and other points of discussion have been addressed in these publications. 

The central and recurring publication of the Women's Representatives is the kUNIgunde. First starting as an informational pamphlet in the summer of 1996, the kUNIgunde is now published as an online blog found here

All of the publications in the archive to date are only available in German. To review the complete archive of these publications, please click Deutsch in the upper-right corner to see the German version of this webpage.