Appointment Procedures

Appointment procedures are the central element in shaping the future of a university. The aim of everyone involved in the appointment procedureis to find the best person for an advertised position.

At the University of Bamberg, the appointment procedure regulations (in German) and the legal framework set a high standard for appointment procedures, also in regard to equal opportunities for all applicants.

When equality is the benchmark, transparency is a critical characteristic of the appointment procedure. For this reason, the University of Bamberg provides guidlines and additional information on the development of a transparent appointment procedure (in German).

The Active Recruitment of Women

In addition to transparency, the active recruitment of female researchers is an important element of gender-equality work. To this end, the networks listed below are important resources. Our list of gender-related networks and databases may also be helpful.

Recruitment Networks

/femconsult (Germany)

/femconsult is a resource provided by the Center of Excellence Women and Science (CEWS). This database of female researcher contains current qualification profiles of more than 3,000 female researchers from German-speaking countries who have completed their doctorate or habilitation. They have focuses in all disciplines and work in universities and non-university research institutions, industries, and businesses. The homepage is available in English; however, the search function and additional information are only available in German. They provide an English guide on how to register.

femdat (Switzerland)

Femdat is a nationwide database for researchers and experts in various fields from science, politics, and business, and it currently contains 1,700 entries. It places researchers and experts from Switzerland in management positions in science and research. The aim of the database is to assist in the search and placement of female experts, even beyond the research field. The website is only available in German. 

Database of Habilitated Women (Austria)

The database of women holding a postdoctoral academic qualification is managed at the University of Graz through the Office of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities. The webpage is available in English; however, the datasheet one must fill out to be listed in the database is only available in English.